Aryaka Shares 3 Reasons to Choose SD-WAN as a Managed Service

The SD-WAN market is experiencing a rapid increase with businesses adopting SD-WAN technology to upgrade from traditional, out-dated WAN networks. However, when acquiring SD-WAN technology, organizations must determine a deployment option. A recent blog from Aryaka, a provider of Opex Technologies, discussed three reasons why enterprises should chose SD-WAN as a managed service over a Do-It-Yourself solution. Continue reading below to learn more about the major benefits of a managed SD-WAN service.

The cloud-first era is here. Most global organizations have embraced this and recognized that in order to stay relevant and to compete, they need to transform their network from a traditional WAN to SD-WAN. According to IDC, the SD-WAN market should reach $4.5 billion by 2022.

But there’s a lot of noise in the SD-WAN market. From Do-it-Yourself (DIY) solutions to managed services that aren’t truly fully managed, not all pathways to SD-WAN are equal.

IT organizations that choose to build their own SD-WAN are responsible for everything from evaluating vendors to implementing the solution, solving application performance issues and re-configuring the network every time the organization rolls out a new application.

In some cases, DIY can mean lower costs and more control. But it also requires more of the IT organization’s valuable time. More time solving application latency issues. More time managing and monitoring the network. More time juggling multiple vendors and all of the complexities (read: headaches) that brings – multiple time zones, multiple points of contact and multiple contracts.

For any IT team, this a major time suck. For the leaner IT team, this could make or break an organization’s ability to adopt new technologies at the speed the business requires.

A managed SD-WAN solution offers the best option for the forward-thinking enterprise: the foundational technology needed to migrate to the cloud combined with the simplicity of having a single partner to manage that network.

Here are the top 3 reasons why global enterprises moving to SD-WAN should consider managed services:


Transforming the WAN is the first step in any digital transformation because it provides the building blocks to migrate to the cloud and adopt emerging technologies. A managed SD-WAN goes further than that, allowing organizations to migrate to a consumption model and reduce capital expenses. Long-term, this is more cost effective and flexible.


With a managed SD-WAN, you’ll have a partner that enables your network to be as dynamic as your business.

With the right managed SD-WAN partner, IT teams can rest easy knowing that major business shifts like mergers and acquisitions won’t be held up by their network infrastructure.


When your networking team doesn’t have to spend the majority of its time solving application issues and managing multiple vendors, they’re able to focus on other business priorities.

At the end of the day, it’s construction vs consumption. Organizations will need to determine whether to spend valuable IT resources building and maintaining a network or opt for a managed service that provides operational simplicity and guaranteed network performance.

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