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How do you feed 7+ Billion people safely and efficiently? Buhler, founded in the mid-1800’s, has grown into a food processing giant with a presence in over 140 countries and their equipment processing over 65% of the world’s grain.
Food processing technology can be leveraged to increase production and reduce energy consumption – but they found that digital transformation is a complex journey.
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Buhler knew how to engineer highly technical solutions, but needed direction in producing organizational change – a roadmap for transformation and digital problem solving along the journey.

“The Opex Technologies team was key to our success in this digital journey. We are now leading our industry in the digital space and leveraging new digital relationships with our customers in a traditional industrial space. “

Strategic Deliverables from Opex:

Buhler leaned on Opex’s experience to help them create a strategic digital roadmap. Serving as a trusted advisor to Buhler, Opex successfully:

  • End-to-end from sensors/PLC/SCADA to Azure-based data storage and analytics
  • All communications secured over MQTT/HTTPS to servers in customer DMZ
  • IIoT stack leverages Microsoft IoT Hub, MS Streaming Analytics, and SQL Server
  • InfluxDB for time-series data and Grafana visualization engine
  • Predictive analytics using machine learning algorithms
  • Typical installation: 400+ sensors


Buhler turned to Opex’s strategic leadership group to advise them through the Digital Transformation journey.

Through a series of workshops, technical assessments, and ongoing strategic consulting, Buhler matured their offering from a pair of “automation solutions” to a truly digital services offering that is now fostering new digital relationships with their customers.

Opex also assisted with the development of the secure digital services platform, including data management and acquisition. Early outputs from the platform have already empowered the client’s data analytics team, in turn allowing customers to save energy and increase yield.

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