Historic Southern Credit Union Modernizes its Digital Infrastructure

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Since 1983, Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU) has served North Carolina’s government employees, their families and volunteers faithfully. Working with Opex helped them modernize their technological infrastructure and ensure the future is bright for the institution and the people it serves.
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Opex was a crucial partner to help LGFCU transform their technology infrastructure so it would better serve their members. A specific challenge Opex was able to assist with was the launch of an all-digital credit union in 2018. The team at LGFCU worked systematically with Opex to shift from CapEx to OpEx and introduce new solutions and providers that could help drive technology forward for both LGFCU and the new Civic Federal Credit Union.

“I’ve always told my team when you have something you’re thinking about doing to reach out to Opex and see if they can help first. They’re always top of mind when we’re taking on new initiatives. Anyone can be a vendor. It takes a huge amount of commitment to be a trusted partner. Opex has shown their commitment and is a trusted Credit Union partner.”

Key solution points from Opex:

  • Led research and procurement of an improved and more cost effective email security, archiving & continuity solution
  • Led research, procurement and implementation of a network modernization project to increase bandwidth and consolidated providers driving down costs
  • Enabled shift from on-premise to cloud where it was business application appropriate
  • Researched multiple options and helped negotiate final colocation services in RTP, NC and Nashville, TN
  • Led research and procurement for a managed AWS service provider
  • Led research for a provider who could improve and stabilize the WiFi at headquarters
  • Audited mobility costs and researched Managed Mobility solutions
  • Led research and procurement for a managed security (SOC as a Service) provider
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