Rapidly-growing Talent Acquisition Company Transforms IT Into a Strategic, Value-driven Role

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The leader in military recruitment since 1991, Orion is breaking new ground by delivering the precision of Orion talent acquisition processes to a wider marketplace. Powered by the full force of a national sourcing and recruiting engine, Orion Talent SolutionsTM helps businesses acquire skilled professionals, optimize recruitment processes and employ motivated, well-matched, military candidates. With recent acquisitions and plans for aggressive growth, Orion needed to evolve IT’s role as a more strategic and value-driven organization. The group was tasked with transforming the company’s technology across all facets of the business to help increase application performance, on-demand scalability, lower costs and free the IT team to focus on more strategic areas of the business. Orion wanted an IT cost model that would allow the company to better budget and plan for growth.


Orion relied on Opex Technologies, a hybrid technology brokerage and advisory firm, to represent the company during critical technology decisions for greater efficiency, accountability and value. Opex began the process with technical assessments around hosting and network architecture and technical and expense audits of existing service providers, including data center, cloud, telecom and mobility solutions.

After reviewing all their current technologies, budgets, plans for growth and available resources, Opex and the Orion IT team came up with a plan to implement the following:


  • Move off a CapEx hardware, self-managed hosting [co-location] model to a public, multi-tenant, fully-managed hosting model with a public cloud- hosting environment
  • Transition from a traditional MPLS network to an IP-based, multi-carrier SD-WAN environment
  • Move from a POP3 email platform to Of ce365 with Mimecast wrap-around as an added layer of security, archiving and continuity
  • Move from an outdated, on-premise PBX
    across ve national of ces to a hosted uni ed communications as a service (UCaaS) platform that integrates with existing CRM
Deploying the right technologies into a growing company has paid dividends for Orion. The new solutions serve as a true foundation for the company’s growth, increasing employee productivity and allowing them to do their jobs more efficiently. Business value and other advantages include more strategic and predictable IT costs, better application performance, network monitoring, scalability for team growth, network disaster recovery, lowered costs, increased security and better email and collaboration service, support, features and applications.

“Opex worked collaboratively with our team to transform IT and integrate technology and processes to increase our performance and scalability while building a true foundation for strategic growth.”

Strategic Deliverables from Opex:

  • Tierpoint for multi-tenant public cloud services
  • Stratus Networks for primary-dedicated IP connectivity
  • Various broadband providers for secondary-backup connectivity
  • CloudGenix for SD-WAN services
  • Microsoft Office 365 for Email
  • Mimecast for email security, archiving and continuity
  • Shoretel Sky for UCaaS
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