Family-Owned Construction Materials Supplier Adopts Telecom Solution

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The Sunrock Group prides itself on being a privately-held, family-owned construction materials supplier with 65 years of experience in the industry. Unlike many of their competitors, Sunrock is vertically integrated – meaning they offer customers a one-stop shopping experience by producing aggregates, recycled aggregates, hot mix asphalt, and ready-mixed concrete at conveniently located quarries and production facilities in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.

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The Sunrock Group had a very unreliable network provider that connected their office locations and had an outdated frame relay system in place. The service was expensive, bandwidth was low, and uptime was inconsistent. Also, they relied on a variety of providers for the services they needed, which increased costs, time, and headaches. All of these issues diminished their customer service and tarnished their reputation.

“To help us build a better alternative we contacted Opex Technologies and challenged them to map out a new solution for our company that is faster, more cost effective, and to implement it without major interruptions to business. Opex Technologies met all 3 goals. 5 years later we are still on the same MPLS platform executed by Opex and other strategic partners.”

Strategic Deliverables from Opex:

When Sunrock partnered with Opex Technologies, they found the solutions they were looking for. In 2007, Opex Technologies sucessfully…

  • Implemented a private MPLS network to connect Sunrock’s 10 office locations
  • Assisted the Sunrock team with data, Internet and voice solutions
  • Ordered  services and managed projects on Sunrock’s behalf
  • Re-negotiated contracts to get better price points, change configuration, and add capacity where needed
  • Reduced telecom expenses and ongoing savings
  • Simplified management of services and contracts
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Since Opex Technologies’ first engagement with Sunrock Group, they have had three renewals, plus have been able to double their bandwidth and reduce cost by 20% each time. The new MPLS system Opex Technologies created helped with uptime and stability.
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