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Our Client Success Team is your secret weapon for achieving technology transformation success after you’ve made your decision for the solution(s) and provider(s). That’s where the rubber meets the road and why we give you undivided attention and support for the entire lifecycle of your technology.

Your Technology Transformation Should be Streamlined and Supported

A trusted advisor is your partner to share in the responsibility of technology transformation projects (TTP) so that you can continue to focus your efforts on the day-to-day management of your enterprise’s IT. Experiencing a successful TTP goes far beyond the research, engineering, and pre-sales phases. It takes expert project management and ongoing support. You deserve a trusted advisor that supports you during your entire technology journey, ensuring implementation goes as planned and all invoicing is accurate. That’s where our Client Success Team comes in.

We See Your Technology Transformation Project Through to the End

Our Client Success Team is what makes Opex Technologies stand out from the crowd. We know you need a partner who advocates for you throughout the entire transformation process, so we remain on your side of the table long after providers are chosen and contracts are signed. Because each of our team members has an average of 23 years of industry experience, we know all the road bumps and delays that can appear during your TTP and help both you and your provider avoid them, so implementation occurs on time and on budget with accurate invoicing.

What Makes The Opex Technologies Client Success Team Unique?


We know how to navigate the processes and procedures of the providers and have institutional knowledge of best practices at every step of the way in your implementation because of our extensive industry experience. We’ve worked with the providers, and we’ve been the client. By understanding the challenges of both, our Client Success Team knows the problems that can arise and how to avoid them, using that experience to your advantage.

Organization and Attention to Detail

At Opex Technologies, we know the ins and outs of switching from one provider to another and what it takes to ensure a seamless transition. We truly understand the importance of accurate, accessible, and accountable data to everyone on your TTP team. Our Client Success team creates a shared project workspace to promote and unify collaboration, workflows, and data in real-time.

Billing Experience

When you sign a contract with a new provider, you expect your project to be delivered on the promised timeline and budget. Because of our combined experience as both the client and the provider, we understand when the project is really complete to management. We know when a project is displaced and when to cease billing, and when new services are active and confirmed at the contract billing rates. We build these tasks into the workflow to minimize duplication of expense early on in your technology transformation to avoid delays.

Benefits of Having Our Client Success Experience on Your Team

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