Opex Technologies’
Proprietary Technology
Transformation Project

Hundreds of clients continue to place their trust in Opex Technologies, relying on us to advise them on critical IT infrastructure and technology transformation projects. Our interests and expertise are aligned with your technology goals, and the outcomes we will achieve together will earn your trust too.

Assess and Discover

First we focus on understanding your current state, vision of your future state, and the business-drivers and dependencies of the enterprise. Then we develop a plan and use our experience, insights, and actionable data-points to research the right solution for your business.

  • Discovery
  • Strategy 
  • Research


Our engineering bench will take the output of the Assess stage to develop a solution that will flawlessly execute the strategy by leveraging their knowledge of your environment, emerging IT technology, and the provider landscape.

  • Architect
  • Design
  • Optimize


We use proprietary tools, relationships, and inside knowledge of providers to streamline the procurement process without compromising results. With millions of dollars sold and hundreds of clients represented, our leverage gets you results.

  • Provider Insights 
  • RFI and RFP Management
  • Provider Scorecards
  • Provider Selection
  • Negotiation
  • Price
  • Terms


Successful Technology Transformation Projects start with planning and preparation, but the rubber meets the road during implementation. These large-scale projects come just a few times in most IT leader’s careers, but we do them every day. We put that experience to work for you.

  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Project Accountability


Ongoing support and client experience is the difference-maker when it comes to successfully realizing the future-state of your technology estate. Providing the highest levels of support to your internal and external stakeholders is our priority.

  • Ticket Escalation
  • Invoice Review and Reconciliation
  • Contract Compliance
  • Provider Accountability
  • Relationship Management
  • Identify New Areas of Opportunity

Transformation Complete! Start yours today.

Client Success

Transformation Complete!
Start yours today.

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