Opex Technologies is pleased to welcome Will Cox to the Team!

Will Cox joins the Opex Team with an abundance of experience in the technology and IT world. He began his technology journey when he joined the Marine Corps. From there, Will spent time at International Network Services (INS), where he specialized in planning, operations, and design.

Will then joined the Masergy team, where he spent 19 years successfully moving up the corporate ladder, eventually earning the position of Global Account Director which is where he was introduced to Opex Technologies.

“The hiring of Will Cox is a testament to the Trusted Advisor movement that Opex is leading. This is a huge talent and one of the top people in the industry. I am excited to see the years ahead with Will onboard the Opex team.”

– Drew Lydecker, President Avant Communications

Will was introduced to Opex about 4 years ago and since then Opex has successfully collaborated on numerous projects in which Will has led. The relationship he built with Opex enabled him to showcase all of the valuable skills and talent that he holds in the industry.

“When I was introduced to Opex I immediately loved the company culture. This is ultimately what drove me to want to be apart of this incredible team.”

– Will Cox, Managing Partner Opex Technologies

Will is taking on the role of Managing Partner with Opex and we are so excited and honored to have him as a part of our team. We look forward to welcoming Will into the Opex family and look forward to embracing the value that he brings to our team.

“We are thrilled to have Will Cox join the Opex team as a Trusted Advisor. Will has had a very long and successful career helping his clients solve business challenges through technology and that value will only grow in his role as a Trusted Advisor with over 300 provider’s in the Opex portfolio.  I love what guides Will and his client philosophy – keeping it clear and simple, guiding them through the process and giving them confidence they are making the right business decision.  Most importantly, Will is the perfect addition to the Opex culture and his passion and experience will make us all better!”

– Courtney Humphrey, CEO Opex Technologies

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