Raleigh, NC (March 30th, 2022) – We’re excited to announce the expansion of our team with Danny Hunt, Managing Partner and Technology Advisor. Danny will assist clients in finding the right technology solutions to advance their business.

With over 25  years of experience in the technology sector; Danny comes from a background as both a technology practitioner and a service provider. He’s no stranger to building a strong foundation with clients and we’re excited to see how he’s able to further these relationships from an advisor position.

Bridging the gap between clients and providers

Danny comments on how he’s able to better serve his clients at Opex by “Sitting on the same side of the table with them, and working as a critical resource as they navigate the provider landscape.”

“We are very fortunate to have Danny Hunt join the Opex team!  Danny has had a tremendously successful career in the service provider industry for the past (15+) years and will be able to represent our clients well as he advises them through this space.”

Auburn Holbrook, CRO, Opex Technologies

Passionate about technology

In his free time, Danny enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and playing with his French bulldogs, Blue and Peaches. However, he also has a drive to know the latest technology trends. Danny is constantly staying on top of technology  innovations and their application, and whether his community will find interest in them.

“The biggest thing I’m excited about is being able to help folks better understand the best options for their business, and then assist them with procurement and delivery”

Danny Hunt, Managing Partner and Technology Advisor, Opex Technologies

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