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IT Technology Experts that Advise, Implement, and Support Technology Transformation Projects

What We Do

Opex Technologies is your partner in technology transformation. We help IT leaders and departments align the needs of the business with IT strategy and make informed decisions on technology solutions and providers with our unmatched market expertise, institutional knowledge, and insights. After we advise, we implement seamlessly and provide great day 2 support.

We Help in These Areas

Technology Transformation Projects (TTP)

Technology Transformation Projects (TTP)

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Strategic Leadership as a Service (SLaaS)

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Expense Management

The Ways
We Can Help

  • Transform Your Technology Estate

    There’s a paradigm shift underway in technology.  It’s driven by innovation and customer experience. Opex is a trusted advisor and strategic partner that helps you move forward towards technology transformation with confidence. Your journey begins with Opex.

  • It’s Not About Technology. It’s About Capability!

    In an ideal world, IT serves the business strategy and gives the enterprise dynamic capabilities that make it nimble and empowered.  Opex helps you leverage your technology strategically to increase the capabilities of the enterprise now and into the future.

  • Due Diligence… Done.

    One resource most IT teams are short on is time. Opex augments your staff, increasing your bandwidth and saving you the cycles by owning the process of researching, architecting, and engineering the solution and provider possibilities for you, and managing procurement with our proprietary RFI/RFP process.

  • Coach and Quarterback

    Opex helps enterprise IT teams increase the speed to value of their IT capabilities. We do this by giving you access to Strategic Leaders who can help create and execute playbooks and giving you the team to run the plays.

  • In it for the Long Haul

    You can’t afford for a project to go off the rails. Opex leads the implementation to keep projects moving and get them done on time. We foster communication, mitigate risk, and hold providers accountable to ensure success during implementation and beyond.

How We Do It

Opex Technologies gives you objective and informed advice rooted in experience, and delivered with a personal touch, to help you align the needs of the business with IT strategy. We take a methodical approach to understanding your objectives – financial, technical, and business – then bring to bear industry-leading tools, providers, and resources to achieve your desired outcome.
  • Understand Our Model
    Consultants and Analysts are expensive allies and do little of the actual work for a technology project. We learn your needs, research and engineer a solution, then we negotiate the best rates and terms. Once you move forward, we offer implementation project managers and ongoing client experience resources that hold providers accountable and execute on superior service and support.
  • Biased Toward Success

    When choosing a provider, the only interests that should be part of the equation are yours. We’ll only pair you with our top global solution providers from our portfolio of 350+ that are quantified and qualified as the best fit for you. Sometimes even disruptive ones you may have never heard of.

  • Earned Expertise

    Who can bench press more, the person who goes to the gym once every five years or the one who goes five times a week? Opex has 17 years of experience focusing on these IT initiatives all day, every day, giving us technical and business expertise that you can leverage as your own

  • Culture is Everything

    Our people are at the heart of our company and the value we deliver. The average tenure of the Opex team is over 20 years serving clients like you with transparency, honesty, and dedication to delivering a great experience with outstanding results.

  • The Right Tools for the Job

    We’ve assembled a collection of powerful and innovative tools backed by data to enable and empower solution research and design, and we’ve invested in developing our own resources to provide a guided process for strategic IT projects from research to implementation and a positive ongoing client experience.

What We Can Do
For You

We’ll give you actionable advice and insights that will help you gain important perspective on your IT technology-related initiatives and give you confidence when making decisions. Working with Opex Technologies will simplify and streamline the process, empower you to negotiate from a position of strength for better pricing and terms for operating expense technologies or as a service technology, and bring to life strategic capabilities for the business.
  • Find the Fit

    IT is often called upon to solve complex business challenges with technology. We help you communicate important data to business stakeholders and research solutions to understand their needs and work with providers to find the best fit to achieve great results.

  • Don’t Make High-Stakes Decisions Alone

    Some business decisions are low stakes. Choosing a technology solution and provider is not one of them. The wrong decision can have a lasting impact and come at a big cost. Opex helps you make the right decision the first time and map your core operating expense technology strategy to the needs of the business.

  • Turn Insights Into Action

    You don’t need marketing fluff or sales pitches. You need to make data-driven decisions. Opex gives you actionable and intelligent insights that come from decades of experience, hundreds of customers, and thousands of solutions researched to make informed decisions.

  • Get the Upper Hand

    It’s hard to know where you have leverage with a provider. Opex brings to the table our experience leading thousands of transactions with hundreds of providers to ensure you get the best rates, most favorable terms, and the lowest liability.

  • Shift CapEx to Opex

    The “as a Service” and Cloud models create a clear benefit, but effectively managing the complexity of shifting IT expenses from CapEx to OpEx is no small feat. Opex helps you move your technology environments out of the house and into a managed platform where it belongs. An empty nest never felt so good

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