Opex State of Disruption Report powered by Avant

In an enterprise climate where disruption is the norm, businesses live or die by their ability to meet constantly evolving conditions. Those that stay ahead of change — that anticipate it, evolve with it, and even help facilitate it — experience lasting success. Those that fail to adapt don’t stay afloat. In recent years, we’ve seen longstanding retail chains crushed by ecommerce, traditional booksellers supplanted by Amazon, and successful entertainment companies sunk by streaming. In short: Transform or die.

This report is a critical tool in making those determinations based on the feedback and experiences of your peers. Transformation will continue to be necessary, but the executives who most competently make these transitions will reap the most rewards from their efforts. What does the imperative to transform mean to these enterprise technology decision makers? What does the rate of change look like across industries and company sizes?

This report answers those questions. AVANT’s study reports on key findings such as Trusted Advisors, UCaaS/CCaaS and much more. Read below to find out what the current technology changes look like across different industries and companies.


Years of escalating cyberattacks combined with widespread messaging around the importance of IT security have clearly paid dividends. Overall, only 4% of the survey respondents acknowledge a lack of preparedness.

Trusted Advisors

  • Nearly two thirds of the respondents report working with Trusted Advisors in support of their IT decision-making process. An additional 37% use tools commonly made available by Trusted Advisors. Moreover, 64% of the time comapnies relied on 3rd party consultants as a resource for IT decision making.
  • Half the time, the Trusted Advisors assist with selecting and operationalizing new technologies, though the ultimate go/no-go decision is made internally by company IT teams. This participation spans a variety of cloud, security, and network-related functions.
  • As technologies continue to grow more complex, especially in terms of integration with other products and services, the role of the Trusted Advisor is likely to increase over time.

UCaaS and CCaaS

According to our survey, CCaaS is being widely adopted by a full range of vertical industries with strong growth numbers. Additionally, during the early stages of the Coronavirus/Covid-19, interest in UCaaS spiked by 86% over last year’s levels – high growth with overall usage of technology and expansion of seats is expected to increase substantially over the next year.

As your Trusted Advisor, Opex aims to be on the front lines of technology which means we keep you on the front lines. Backed by research, like this State of Disruption Report, Opex will help you make the right technology decisions to solve your business challenges. Please contact your Trusted Advisor for more information and to view the full report.

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