Imagine Your World
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Trusted Advisor

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a partner that understood the technology provider landscape to help you with Technology Transformation Projects, cost reduction, or strategic IT leadership? What would that look like?

Why is Partnering with Opex Technologies
Right for Your Business?

Beyond being your Trusted Advisor, we’re on your team. We take the time to earn your trust, learn the ins and outs of your business, and find the right technology solutions and partners that will help you achieve your goals. Opex Technologies remains on your side of the table long after you sign a contract for the right solutions from the right provider. We hold providers accountable and ensure your technology solutions are implemented on time and on budget. Leverage our expertise and experience for a successful technology transformation project.

Outcomes and Benefits

Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration Complete
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Done faster and with less risk
CapEx to OpEx and Spend Optimization and Management
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ROI and fund new initiatives
Strategic IT / IT as a Business
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add value to enterprise
Customer Experience
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brand equity and customer loyalty
Defend and Protect
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security risk mitigated, more trust with customers and stakeholders
Network Overhaul
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improved performance, enable applications, efficiency created, and optimize spending

Reimagine What the Technology Transformation Lifecycle Looks Like for Your Business

Partnering with Opex Technologies gives you access to a trusted resource for the entirety of the “as a Service” technology lifecycle and beyond. First, we help you develop a strategy and engineer a solution by understanding your needs and researching your options. Next, we use our experience to help you procure and negotiate the services. Then, our Client Success team ensures a seamless implementation and continues to support you and create ongoing accountability with your providers.
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Our Client Success Team is Your Secret Weapon

There is more to Transformational Technology Projects than just research, engineering, and procurement. You need someone who hangs around once the contract is signed to ensure your technology solutions get implemented on time and on budget—that’s what makes Opex Technologies stand out in the crowd. Our Client Success team supports you through implementation and beyond, holding providers accountable and ensuring invoicing is accurate.

Empower IT Decision Making with The Opex Pathfinder

The Opex Pathfinder is our industry-leading research platform that puts the insights, intelligence, and experience of a Trusted Advisor at your fingertips to empower you to make informed IT decisions. Discover the Pathfinder experience by watching the video.

Client Success

Don’t face the fast-changing technology landscape alone. Empower yourself with Opex.

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